Natural Hollywood Vol 1

The vision of The Natural Hollywood, Studio to Tea Party, coffee table book developed over time.

After opening Naturally Me Hair Salon in Baltimore 2005, I became increasingly aware of the void of very worthy aesthetics in mainstream media. I was frustrated by the repetitive theme, flat out angry at the absence of our beauty in art. Naturally gorgeous women, just like you, were left out, under-represented and marginalized. Despite the number of women who were transitioning back to their natural roots during the millennium, award shows, video shoots and film media campaigns were dominated with us wearing straight, European weaves.

Natural Hollywood: the marriage of natural hair and glamour.

A fever of which everyone who is everyone is hot about! A place and an atmosphere full of love and passion that extends from your roots to your twists and each turn of your kink. I, Jennifer Lord, the creative architect of Natural Hollywood long to feel the inspiration of your natural crown through my fingertips as much as I feel it from within my soul. I want you to feel it, see it, know it as you turn each page of this body of art. Through Natural Hollywood, your individual power inspires me to inspire others to feel powerful too. This is for YOU...

"Natural Hollywood Vol. 1"

Soon will be available for purchase