The Natural Aristocratic Tea is celebration of natural hair through the arts. Natural Hollywood and Sabine’s Hallway Natural Hair Salon will honor positive members of the community with live music, showcase a natural art exhibit and fashion show during an afternoon tea. Dates & Times: Sunday, July 4th, 2015, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Doors […]


Beautiful Hair by Dalila Bailey It’s a culmination of images that project from a big screen, we pass by at a cosmetic counter or take notice of in the sidebar of a small android screen. Perpetuating, penetrating… even perpetrating to create an acceptable ideal. Images can be powerful should we allow them to be.   […]

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Nothing New to New York Nothing New to New York by Natawnya Yarbrough   Blogs, natural hair forums, meet ups galore; it seems like everywhere you look these days there’s something going on with natural hair. Target, Walmart, and every corner beauty supply store have entire aisles filled with natural hair products. Each week I […]

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A Night of Grandeur “A Night of Grandeur” by Jennifer Lord   “Who do you think you are?”   There I was, approximately 4-years-old, having an emotional breakdown at Glenda’s wedding. Glenda, a long-time friend of the family, employed me as her flower girl. Flower girls are to look pretty and sweet while doing their […]