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Some little girls sit and sip tea with their dollies and teddies. Those little grow up and sip tea with their friends at The Natural Aristocratic Tea. The idea of a tea was new and fresh! I suppose it's newness was just what the natural hair community was waiting for. Although it was the first of its kind, it sold out and created an ongoing buzz that you can hear right now as ladies and gents plan to attend the second one.

EHere's a bit of history as the idea of a tea didn't come out of thin air. In late Fall of 2012 I hired a team of models, MUA and designers to meet me at the historic Tea Room by Julia Faye for a photo shoot. On a sunny day in Baltimore, Collville Heskey, our amazing photographer, captured photos that would later be used for The Natural Aristocratic Tea. I had no idea at that time I would move to NYC or that I would be working at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon in Brooklyn. As fate would have it, in 2013 I made it back home and found myself working with the very talented Sabine Bellevue who loved the idea of the tea.

Together, we set out create something unique and beautiful for natural hair enthusiasts of NYC. We identified 3 honorees: Memaniye Cinque, Niyaa Tenee and Lurie Daniel Favors; three natural hair sisters from New York still doing great things in their community. The response was overwhelming and soon we learned that guests were coming from Kansas City, California, Atlanta, Michigan, Boston and of course the DC, Maryland and Virginia. It was a dreamy experience seeing all of these beautiful women in their tea attire with their pinkies up! They were regal, gorgeous and striking. Their presence along with the joy they brought was strongly felt.

The Tea Issue is a nostalgic walk through the many heartfelt moments of The Natural Aristocratic Tea produced by Natural Hollywood and Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon. We are pleased to announce on July 2015, we will be hosting The Natural Aristocratic Tea - A Royal Affair; a natural hair art exhibit and fashion show celebrating the royal family. The sponsorship package is enclosed for those who would like to participate.

Our contributors are sure to have you get up and grab a cup of warm tea while reading. Enjoy the many viewpoints and knowledgeable facts on tea. We are so sure you will love this issue and we want to hear from you. Send your feedback to Naturalhollywood101@gmail.com. Enjoy!