Interview with StyleStamped

StyleStamped: Jennifer, who are you and what makes you an artist?

Jenn:  I am a Natural Hair Stylist, Editor-In-Chief of Natural Hollywood, and lover of all things in the beauty industry from hair and fashion to events.  Hair has always been the love of my life, along with the arts and history.  After styling hair professionally for years, I felt a void and wanted to do something about the lack of natural hair presentation in high fashion.  So in 2011 I launched Natural Hollywood Magazine and I haven’t looked back since!

StyleStamped:  What is “Natural Hollywood?”

Jenn:  Natural Hollywood is a Magazine that serves as a FREE exclusive access medium to everything fabulous, trendy and HOT with regard to Natural Hair.  Launched in March of 2011, we combined expert styling and high fashion with progressive graphic artistry and web design to create a showcase of Natural Hair beauty at  a level of Excellence.  Each model featured in the magazine expresses a unique personality while rocking  natural hair creations specific to their individuality and personal style.  Natural Hollywood Magazine is on a mission to change the perception of Natural Hair in the fashion and beauty industry, the corporate world, and beyond.  Page after page, this premium Magazine carries award winning Natural Hair styles and tips, mouth dropping photo spreads, one of kind accessories, feature stories of the industries hottest Naturalistas and so much more!

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